5 Ways to Enjoy your Summer Whilst Working

5 Ways to Enjoy your Summer Whilst Working

5 Ways to Enjoy your Summer While Working

The sun is shining over us at the moment, and we all want to enjoy it as much as we can. Here in the UK, these bright summer days feel like a rarity, and taking advantage of them whilst being loyal to work commitments can be a tricky balancing act.

Here we have listed 5 easy tips on how to enjoy the summer without having to take time off from your work.

1. Walk or cycle to work

If you have the means to walk or cycle to the office, take advantage of it! Not only does this get you out in the sun, but there is also a plethora of health benefits (both physically and mentally).

Having this time to yourself to organise your thoughts with the sun on your skin is a great way to put that summer kick in your step…whilst saving money too.

2. Book a weekend getaway

Booking last minute getaways for your weekend can be a fantastic way to get the most out of the sun and give you something to look forward to. You won’t have to use any PTO and worry about missing crucial work commitments either. Leave on a Friday evening and return late on Sunday to stretch your sunny weekend.

3. Have lunch outside

If you’re lucky enough to have a park or field close by, enjoy your lunch in the fresh air.

If you feel more comfortable eating inside, then take a stroll of the local area before heading back to your desk.

You could also explore the local eateries, and treat yourself to a lovely lunch in a restaurant’s garden!

4. Take your work outdoors

Do you have some comfy seating, a bench or even a brick wall you can perch your laptop on? Take some time away from your desk and work outside in the sun. Whilst this may be tricky logistically, just 20 minutes of working in the fresh air can make all the difference and increase your daily mood.

5. Organise after work gatherings

Summer is the perfect time to get to know your desk mates – find a nearby bar, pub, or even café to enjoy once you’ve all clocked out.

Not only does this put a full stop on the working day, but it can give you the chance to form close bonds with your colleagues, all whilst enjoying the weather.

So, whilst it can feel like you’re missing out on the sunny summer days when working, the season doesn’t need to be a write off! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the sunny season whilst honouring your 9-5 commitments.