Airivo's Covid-19 Reminder

Airivo's Covid-19 Reminder

15 July 2020

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It has now been a few weeks since clients started to return to work as we get back to a ‘new normal’.

It is great to see people coming back to our offices, and while this means more people are using our facilities, we are following strict government guidance to ensure clients, as well as prospective clients, can return to a safer working environment.

Although coronavirus is still very prevalent in our daily lives, and will be for some time, we are confident that as clients return to the Airivo community, they will be reminded of the workspace that they missed while working from home.

As the safety of our clients and our team is our priority, following Government guidance, we have put a number of measures in place to make our offices Covid Secure.

The measures put in place include:

✓ Signage
✓ Social distancing
✓ Encouraging good hand hygiene practices
✓ Hand sanitiser stations throughout the buildings
✓ Enhanced cleaning procedures
✓ Protective screens at Reception and new sign-in procedures
✓ New delivery procedures to reduce touch points
✓ Restrictions in number of lift occupiers

It is important for all of us to stay alert and continue following the guidance as the fight against the virus continues.