Client Case Study: Qbtech

A client is leaving us...and we are delighted!

Client Case Study: Qbtech, ADHD Assessment


Qbtech is a leading medical technology company, specialising in devices that enhance the diagnostic process for ADHD. The company was founded as a result of the founders having experienced the process themselves, and recognising the need for a technology-driven approach to ADHD assessment. 

Since its inception in 2000, Qbtech have expanded its operations globally, with a presence in Sweden, Germany, United States and United Kingdom. The company's UK team, located in Airivo Chiswick, focuses primarily on the commercial aspect of the business, with the goal of raising awareness of Qbtech's innovative technology and promoting its adoption in the diagnostic process. 

After experiencing continual growth in Airivo Chiswick offices, Qbtech have made the decision to move their base closer to central London. We are delighted to have played a small part in helping to serve Qbtech throughout their team expansion and supporting their business needs at each step of the way. Their expansion is a testament to the Airivo model, hence we have taken this as an opportunity to explore Qbtech’s positive experience as an Airivo client.  

Qbtech's requirement

Qbtech were seeking a flexible office space to accommodate the expansion of their UK team. The company wanted a stable work environment that provided the option to move offices as the business grew. They found the perfect match with Gable House, Airivo's office building in Turnham Green, Chiswick. 

At Airivo, we believe in "Your Space Your Way," which means that we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each of our clients. For Qbtech, this meant providing support as the company continued to expand during its time at Airivo Chiswick. 

Qbtech's experience

As a global company, the close proximity to Heathrow Airport has proven to be a valuable asset for when international colleagues come to visit.  

Last year, Qbtech were awarded the HSJ award for Best Mental Health Partnership with the NHS, along with the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), a trusted partner who has helped the company grow. This recognition for their innovative work in the medical technology field is a testament to the company's dedication to improving the diagnostic process for ADHD. 

Qbtech have also been consistently impressed by the exceptional customer service provided by our onsite team. This has been a constant source of support for the company: 

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Brentford and Airivo Case study

How Airivo delivered

In keeping with our commitment to "Your space your way," we have supported Qbtech's growth journey, from a 2-person office to a 16-person office. We also constructed 2 bespoke soundproof meeting rooms, and a breakout area adjacent to their workspace, providing them with an ideal environment for interviews and collaborative discussions. 

Another significant aspect of Qbtech's journey with us is the expansion of their marketing team, which has grown from a single individual to a team of four people.  

Qbtech have been a regular attendee at the client events organised by our team in our Community Business Lounge. The welcoming, village-like atmosphere of Chiswick has only added to the sense of community we foster within Airivo Chiswick, allowing our clients to meet and network through regular Coffee Mornings, Christmas Parties, and more.  

In response to our clients' needs, we recently added phone booth facilities to our Community Business Lounge, a feature that Qbtech have taken advantage of on a regular basis. These phone booths provide additional privacy for calls, making them a valuable resource for Qbtech. 

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Qbtech's onward journey

We at Airivo understand that businesses grow and evolve, and sometimes require a change of location to better serve their needs. We are delighted to have been a part of Qbtech's journey and we wish them all the best in their new location of Paddington, providing Qbtech with better access to central London as well as new opportunities for growth and expansion.  

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Qbtech team for being a part of the Airivo community and for the opportunity to have played a role in their success. We wish the company all the best in their new endeavours and hope that their next office space will provide them with all the resources they need to continue to grow and succeed. 


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