Interview with Hounslow Wolves FC

Interview with Hounslow Wolves FC

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Hounslow Wolves Football Club

Hounslow Wolves is a West London football team, providing young adults with the opportunity to hone their football skills and showcase the talent of the local community. 

With a strong serviced office portfolio across West London, we at Airivo are proud sponsors of the team, and were thrilled to dive into the club's origins, discuss the players' relationship with the game, and hear what businesses can learn from football. 

How long have Hounslow Wolves been playing, and how did the team begin?
Hounslow Wolves was founded in the summer of 2020, during the height of Covid. A couple of friends came together with the idea of creating a community football club. Hounslow is an extremely diverse community and we felt we could provide a platform to showcase the talent, that Hounslow has to offer.

What’s the training schedule like, and how often are the matches?
Training is currently once a week and matches also take place once a week on a Sunday morning. Some of the coaches do arrange additional fitness sessions outside of this schedule to help maintain fitness and player growth.

What aspects of football do the team enjoy the most?
Playing in a competitive nature, being part of a big group of players who have now become more than just team mates.

Is there a special routine or superstition before a match?
Nothing specific. Players arrive 45mins before kick-off for a warmup and preparation; the manager will then give a brief motivational team talk before heading out.

What is the team’s greatest achievement so far?
Definitely winning the league 21/22 season!
Do the players have jobs / careers outside of the team?
Majority have jobs/careers away from football or at university studying.

How does playing football help the team in their everyday or work lives?
Players learn many life skills from playing football:
Team work - playing together in a big group. Learning to look out for each other, understand each other’s abilities and how to be successful when you have a team with different abilities, personalities etc. Ability to take on board instructions and criticisms from the coaching staff to help improve their performance and implement what their managers are asking them to do. Communication whilst playing football is important and this is extremely helpful within day to day.

What kind of strategy and mindset are required for the game?Player together as one team. Work hard for each other and you will see the results on the pitch. Mindset is a big thing. If you turn up to a game thinking you’re going to lose or feeling like you’re unprepared, then you’ve already lost the game and this is not just in football but in sport in general.

Do you see a link between playing football and conducting business?
Playing football is something anyone can do whether in a competitive nature or just to have fun. To become good at what you do, regardless of the type of sport, you need to be passionate and this is also something required when conducting business.

What lessons could a businessman learn from a football player?
A player requires leadership, work ethic, passion, motivation, confidence, communication, teamwork, decisiveness, and adaptability. All of which can be required to become successful in business.
Find out more about Hounslow Wolves and their matches by following this link to their website.

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