What Can Businesses Learn From Football?

What Can Businesses Learn From Football?

What Can Businesses Learn From Football?

Football has held a top spot as one of the UK’s favourite sports for many years. Numerous elements contribute to football's popularity, but we want to explore the values underpinning the game. The foundations of football are similar to that of a prosperous company, and perhaps these are values businesses can learn from football players.

Airivo are proud sponsors of Hounslow Wolves, a West London football team providing local players with the opportunity to hone their football skills and showcase the talent of the community. With this avid involvement in the sport, and with the excitement of the World Cup, we asked the team’s thoughts on what business skills we can learn from football.


Personal aspirations need to take a backseat to the group's overarching objective in order for the team to function effectively. Each player has a specific role to play when football teams hit the field. Although each players' tasks are essential, the team won't succeed if only one duty is carried out and the others are not. Your team's members must all perform their duties while keeping the overall goal of the company at the forefront. Only then will your company truly work as a team and prosper. 


In football, the team's leaders provide direction, inspiration, and reassurance. Business leaders should strive towards this as well. In addition to monitoring their staff members, management should provide them with flexibility and have faith in how their team is performing. It is the responsibility of leaders to ensure that staff members feel at ease approaching them for assistance or to voice any issues or ideas they may have.


Anyone watching football can tell when there is a lack of passion on the field. For conquering challenges and winning a game, it is vital to possess a drive for success. Similarly, corporate success depends on enthusiasm. If morale is low inside your firm, then a lack of enthusiasm is likely to be the cause. A ‘player of the match’ – or rewards system – may be a way to fuel passion.


On the field, scoring goals is always the objective; similarly in business, goals should be set, no matter how modest they may be. Having a goal to strive towards will inspire you to accomplish it as swiftly and strategically as you can. Football teams are also no strangers to a ‘Plan B, and your company should always be ready with a backup. With a secondary plan, your company has the chance to create fresh and better strategies, and your personnel must maintain composure and work toward improving for the next attempt. 

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