Terms & Conditions

Airivo Referrals

1. These terms and conditions are between Airivo Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 10190261 whose registered office is at Boundary House, Boston Road, Hanwell, W7 2QE (Airivo) and the person specified in the Authorised Referral Form (as hereinafter defined) as the referrer (the Referrer).

2. Airivo is the supplier of commercial units and virtual office services at a number of sites in England. Airivo wishes to acknowledge referrals of new clients and is offering a fee in consideration of such a referral on these terms and conditions.

3. In order for an introduction to be a referral:

a. the Referrer must make an introduction of a new client. A new client shall be an individual, company or other organisation which is not and has not in the past been a client of Airivo or its associated companies (the Group) and the new client has not been introduced to the Group by another person within the previous 6 months. For the avoidance of doubt a company or organisation which is not a client, but is owned by an existing or former client of Airivo or whereby an existing or former client has an ownership interest will not be a new client; 

b. the Referrer must make the Referral through the online form available at www.airivo.com/referrals (the Authorised Referral Form); 

c. the person referred in the Authorised Referral Form, must enter into a licence agreement or a virtual office agreement with Airivo or another company in the Group and pay the initial fees within six (6) months of the Authorised Referral Form being received; 

d. the person referred in the Authorised Referral Form has not been referred by any third party prior to the Authorised Referral Form being received. 

4. Once the Authorised Referral Form has been submitted by the Referrer, Airivo shall review the information submitted and ensure that the details of the person referred:

a. does not relate to an existing or former client of the Group; 

b. is not owned or otherwise controlled by an existing or former client of the Group; and 

c. has not been referred by a third party prior to the Authorised Referral Form being received from the Referrer. 

5. Airivo shall respond to the Referrer within seven (7) working days of the receipt of the Authorised Referral Form, confirming if the Authorised Referral form is accepted.

6. In consideration of the Referrer making an accepted referral to Airivo in accordance with these terms and conditions, Airivo shall pay the Referrer the Referral Fee (as hereinafter defined).

7. The Referral Fee shall be 10 percent (10%) of the contract value (excluding Contract Services) of the first twelve months  between Airivo (or another company in the Group) and the party referred to in the Authorised Referral Form (the Contract). Should the initial Contract be for less than twelve months, the Referral Fee shall be ten percent (10%) of the value of the Contract (excluding Contract Services) for the period initially agreed.

8. Airivo shall notify the Referrer of the amount of the Referral Fee following the signature of the Contract and the payment of the initial payment due under the Contract. The Referrer is then required to issue Airivo an invoice for the amount due. No payment will be made unless an invoice is provided.

9. By submitting the details of a Referral on the Authorised Referral Form the Referrer agrees to these terms and conditions.

10. In order to qualify as a Referral:

a. the details of the person referred must reflect the name and address detailed in the Contract; 

b. must not be from an employee or immediate family members of employees of Airivo or the Group; 

c. the Referrer must be a company or a person who is 18 years or older. 

11. Airivo will pay the Referral fee by bank transfer within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Referrer’s invoice and the Referral fee will be paid in quarterly instalments. Save that if the Contract is terminated prior to the payment being made, the Referrer will no longer be entitled to the Referral Fee and this agreement shall terminate. If the new client referred does not make any subsequent payments to Airivo prior to the payment of the Referral Fee, Airivo may delay the payment of the Referral Fee until the end of the Contract.

12. Should the Referrer make a Referral which results in the person referred not paying Airivo for the services provided, Airivo may delay the payment of any future Referral Fees to ensure that it receives payment prior to the payment of the Referral Fee.

13. Each Party acknowledges that this Agreement contains the whole agreement between the Parties and that it has not relied upon any oral or written representation made to it by the other.

14.This Agreement is personal as between the Parties and can only be assigned with the other Party’s prior written consent. 

15. The Parties confirm their intent not to confer any rights on any third parties by virtue of this Agreement and accordingly the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this Agreement.

16. Airivo may make amendments to the Referral terms and conditions at any time by updating these terms and conditions on its website and by notifying the Referrers in writing.

17. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. The Parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.