The world of work and connectivity is changing, and the workspace needs of entrepreneurs, corporate colleagues and staff is continually evolving.

Whilst many still need and prefer an office with a fixed desk and telephone line, we at Airivo recognise that some people want ‘break-out spaces’ to collaborate, have impromptu meetings and on occasions, take time out from the traditional office all within the confines of their workplace.

In recent months, we have created co-working areas in both our Shoreditch and Chiswick centres, allowing clients and their staff to benefit from a more relaxed working environment.

Our co-working spaces have been designed with the needs of our clients at the heart of what we have created. High level bench seating, low level meeting tables and soft furnishings create a versatile and attractive environment to facilitate co-working and collaboration between clients, colleagues and visitors.

Access to business grade Wi-Fi ensures users have a seamless experience, complemented with teas & coffees.

In addition, the spaces not only provide a break-out area for clients, but they are also used for networking events and presentations, used by business groups, Chamber of Commerce and our own business community ‘get togethers’.


Following the success and popularity of our co-working spaces, during 2019, we plan to extend the offering in other centres within the portfolio to enable more and more clients to  access different ways of enjoying their office at Airivo.